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That Al Salasil has been working at the education sector for more than 40 years with the Ministry of Education for schools and Universities with great world-class companies that can facilitate it such as Pearson education that has more than 20 years with their best research and efficacy teams to work hard to uncover the very best tools, technologies, and ideas teachers and students with world-class tools, content, products, and services are designed to help people adapt to our changing world, navigate its challenges and opportunities, and ultimately make progress in their lives from assessments to online services teaching resources and professional developments and consulting services .

That Al Salasil was suppling and publishing Kuwait University Academic Journals and educational text books. Also, after the Liberation of Kuwait 1991 That Al Salasil supplied all Kuwait University libraries with all the needed textbooks. In 1999 That Al Salasil secured the rights to publish and distribute English curriculum with Pearson education from grade1 to grade 12 for Ministry of Education.

After the great team work and collaboration with the Ministry of education over the years in 2008 , That Al Salasil acquired the rights to modify the curriculum of Math and Science for grade 1 to 12 with Pearson Education. That Al Salasil published numerous publications and studies for Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science (KFAS) one of it’s unique imprints was the Dictionary of the Holy Quran. Other collaborations were there one of them was publishing the Islamic World Encyclopaedia in many languages for the Amiri Diwan of Kuwait.

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