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Hackett is an up market British Gentlemen’s clothing company founded and headed by noted classic menswear designer Jeremy Hackett. Its style is heavily influenced by traditional British dress, described by Hackett as ‘evolutionary not revolutionary’.
The Kuwait store was the first and biggest one in the Middle East, not to mention the Hackett Kids’ store, a new concept found only in Kuwait.


Furla is an Italian company that was created by the Furlanetto family in 1927. Today, it presents itself on the market with an outstanding style that is recognized through a keen interpretation of fashion trends allowing freedom of expression. Furla features Italian-designed products that range from handbags and shoes to accessories.


Rocco Barocco, started by Rocco Muscariello in the 1960s, is one of Italy’s most beloved and refined fashion brands. Its designs offer a fine taste of Italian beauty in fashion wear, high-end accessories and perfumes for women, men and children.




Miriade is a multi-brand store that saw the light in September 1997. The initiative came to life through creativity and inspiration by shareholders whose aim was to achieve an exceptional entrepreneurial experience. Miriade carries the finest Italian leather goods from famous designers such as Roccobarocco, rb, and Valentino.

Printing & Publishing

THAT AL SALASIL started their main work in publishing and distributing books to over 16 of its retail bookshops throughout the Middle East. With over 43 years of reliable and trustworthy service, That Al Salasil is proud to have printed publications for more than 2000 Kuwaiti and Middle Eastern authors, making it one of the leading companies in the region in that field.

The owners now pride themselves with excellence in areas such as security printing and educational printing, which they provide to:

  • The Ministry of Education
  • Kuwait University
  • The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training
  • The Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences
  • Arab Open University
  • The Ministry of Finance
  • Gulf University for Science and Technology

Our company proudly holds the largest bookstore in Kuwait. Located in a prime location, we have more than 20 branches all over Kuwait.

Our bookstores sells English and Arabic books of all kinds, as well as children books and educational books, among many others.

In addition to that, THAT AL SALASIL has a partnership with WHSmith, one of the largest British retailers, with over 600 stores on the high street and over 600 stores at airports, train stations, hospitals and motorway services

WhSmith branches are located at the Kuwait international airport arrival and departure and the major malls and Al Shaheed Park


At THAT AL SALASIL, we are always devoted to satisfy our customers’ needs and always eager to provide the best tobacco. Choose your favorite among our high quality products, such as:

  • Cuban cigars

When you first think of cigars, the Cuban ones are the first ones that come to mind. Cigars that originate from Cuba are historically known as the finest cigars in the world, thanks to the country’s climate and rich soil, which contribute to the growth of cigars.

  1.  Cohiba: is the Habanos flagship, and the most prestigious brand in the tobacco world. The brand was created in 1966, and was solely available as gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats, and of course, for President Fidel Castro for many years. Since then, its production has taken place in the prestigious “El Laguito” factory, in Havana, Cuba. Cohiba Behike, the most exclusive línea of the most prestigious Habanos brand, modifies slightly in 2014 its exclusive band by replacing the hologram in its side with a new one with increased features. 


  • Arturo Fuente cigars

The brand began a period of slow and steady growth, emerging as one of the most critically acclaimed makers of hand-rolled premium cigars outside of Cuba. As of 2010 the company was producing 30 million cigars per annum from its factory in the Dominican Republic.

  • Padron cigars

 Striving to create cigars worthy of special times is the singular motivation behind Padrón Cigars. The company was founded September 8, 1964[1] in Miami, Florida by Cuba-native José Orlando Padrón. In 1970, Padrón moved the company to Estelí, Nicaragua. With over 46 years to create cigar and more 100 years to create a legacy, the Padron family understands the significance of time and delivers the finest handmade complex cigar with the flavor of Cuban heritage. 

  • Dunhill cigars

Steeped in tradition, Dunhill is one of the most respected names in the cigar business. Always well-constructed and outstanding, it is recognized as the symbol of quality and elegance. Those looking for a mild luxurious smoke have turned to Dunhill cigars for many decades. For fans of Dominican cigars, the Dunhill Aged variety will be a treat to light up. Each one of them is flawlessly handcrafted from a special selection of Piloto Cubano and Olor tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic’s fertile Cibao Valley.

  • VegaFina cigars

 Are hand-crafted in the Tabacalera de Garcia factory in the Dominican. Here, a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper is draped over a long-filler core of Dominican, Colombian, and Honduran tobaccos secured by an Indonesian binder. The smoke is mild to medium-bodied, producing creamy velvety smoke. Its smooth texture is complemented by a bouquet of nuts, leather, cedar, and a crisp slightly sweet finish. The cherry on top is a wonderful aroma. In short, VegaFina cigars are a great any time of day .

  • Meluha cigars

Are a reference to the Ancient Eastern mythological place, ‘Meluha’, literally meaning ‘Land of the Pure’. Each component of a Meluha cigar stays true to its name. The leaf, the tobacco and the very hands that crafted it are the finest of its kind.

We believe so strongly in the spiritual uplifting and purity of our cigars that we follow a powerful Meluha Mantra. A mantra that has been inscribed on every cigar paper ring. It is a powerful ethos derived from the traditional Hawaiian philosophy of ‘Ho’oponopono’, a process of self-identity, meditation, and ultimately, self-surrender.

Duty Free & Travel Retailer

Since 1979, That Al Salasil has had a strong footprint at the Kuwait International Airport. Having started out as just a small bookstore, it now encompasses more than 6 stores there, along with the ones at Shaikh Saad Airport.

In February 2006, THAT AL SALASIL and World Duty free group started a joint venture operation in Kuwait International Airport duty free.

World Duty Free Group is the overall market leader in the European airport retail heartlands of Spain and the UK, with a substantial international presence in the Middle East, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

It sells a variety of products including skincare, fragrance, cosmetics, confectionery, food, tobacco, accessories and souvenirs.

In February 2015, THAT AL SALASIL and World Duty Free renewed their partnership, allowing our company to continue its operation in Kuwait International Airport.

Departure Area

The Departure Area is one of THAT AL SALASIL’s most recent projects, which began its operation at the beginning of 2012. The idea behind it is to have different types of cafés and restaurants accessible for the traveler. Here is a quick list of the available ones at the moment:

  • Tick-it is a restaurant that serves Mediterranean food along with pastries, pizza, grills and burgers. The whole concept is clearly based on elements you see in an airport, such as cargo containers, immigration stamps and wooden crates.
  • Starbucks is an international coffee house.
  • Potbelly is an international restaurant chain that sells submarine sandwiches.
  • Pinkberry is a franchise of upscale frozen dessert restaurants
  • C-Corner is a waffle specialized corner
Travel & Tourism

THAT AL SALASIL is one of the leading travel, tourism and logistics companies in Kuwait. For fifteen years, we have been providing professional services through our experienced staff to our long term and new customers. Some of our services include:

  • Airline ticket reservation
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Car rental
  • Cargo and packaging

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